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All Inclusive

We can provide a fully custom turnkey solution. We have in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. We'll work with you to create test specifications and then we'll drive the project all the way to installation and commissioning.

FunTest Application + Matrix Box

Do you have an existing test fixture that you'd like to retrofit with our FunTest + Matrix Box Solution? No problem! We can deliver the FunTest application with matrix boxes and make the integration as smooth as possible.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

If you want to get your hands dirty, you can buy the FunTest software license + matrix box, and develop your own test fixture. We'll provide fast remote/on-site support as needed to ensure your testing is online in no time. 

Effortlessly Automate Your Hardware Testing

Easily control your hardware

Through open plugin architecture control test equipment and communicate with your test article (CAN, LIN, TCP, and more).

Say goodbye to constantly wasting time on software development and start developing your test sequence!

Create automated test sequences

Create an automated test sequence in a spreadsheet format. Anyone without any coding experience can automate their testing.

No more waiting for the automation and software engineers to create test automation.

Collect data and generate reports

Use built-in test report generation. Create detailed test reports for each test run, collect overall test station statistics, and upload data to the database.

Have access to all data so you can make informed decisions!

Effortlessly Test Your Hardware Products

Effortlessly Test Your Hardware Products

Easily control your hardware

Command and control everything from test equipment to complex industrial processes

Create automated test sequences

Anyone without any coding experience can automate their testing.

User Friendly Interface

Designed with the end user in mind, FunTEST offers built-in interactive operator interface and test reporting capabilities 


Test Automation has never been easier.

Make automation for electronics testing a simple task. Create test sequences without any code to accelerate your product development.

Meet FunTest, your testing tool for electronics functional testing.

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Test System Development Cost

Cut Time, Save Resources, and Streamline Your Test Development 

Get your test systems up and running easily with FunTest!

Effortlessly Automate Your Electronics Testing

Perform Power-Up Tests, Programming, Functional Tests, and more

Electronics Test Article

Virtual Demo

Learn how our platform works in this 5-minute video

Test solution for every part of the product lifecycle 



Our Test Automation Platform

Communicate with your product

over any standard communication protocol

Create automated test sequences