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Functional Test Station for Electronics in Weeks not Months

using FPC's software defined test station wiring

Standard Solution

Save resources by not creating custom design

Fast Delivery

Have Test Station in Weeks not Months

Easy to Customize

Modular Design Makes Customization Easy

Tell us a little bit about the product you're testing

This does not need to be a stack of documentation. Because of the software-defined wiring we don't need all the details to design the correct test setup.

For starters just tell us the inputs and outputs you need for the test. If you have more information great send it our way.

We'll Create Test Station Configuration < One Week

Based on the information about the DUT and the test objective, we'll create the configuration including cost and lead time in less than a week.

This will include selecting the right COTS equipment to satisfy all test requirements, selecting the optimal Matrix Box card configuration, designing the DUT interface if needed, and finally the overall test station chassis which will include all necessary safety features and certifications.

Start Testing!

After the test station is delivered to your site, we'll provide training for your personnel and you can start testing!

If you don't have the resources to create the test sequence, one of our engineers will develop it for you so you can focus on higher priority tasks.

How to get started?

Software Defined Wiring

During the development of functional electronics testing, a lot of resources are used for creating custom hardware and harnesses to accomplish the test objective

With FPC's software-defined wiring, you don't have to do any of that. Simply put FPC's Matrix Box between your test equipment and device under test (DUT) and create any interconnection through software. Distribute power, communication bus, measurement channels, connect external loads, control digital I/O, and much more!


Not only it will save you development time but when the test itself changes or you want to test a different DUT you just update the software without making any changes to the hardware configuration.  

Focus on your test logic not software development

Don't waste your resources on never-ending software development to bring your test station to life. All test station already come with ready to use software.

With FPC's funTEST platform, you can start testing right away. This platform let's you create test sequence in an intuitive sequence editor - no programming experience needed. 

Moreover, it comes with a built in Operator Interface to display live results and display interactive procedures. To save you even more time take advantage of the test reporting engine to automatically create test run reports and overall test statistics.


Test Bench Integration

Automated Electronics Testing

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