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Operator Interface

Test File Editor

Hardware Interface

Hardware Interface

01. COTS Test Equipment

FunTest integrates any COTS test equipment through plugins so you can control it from the test file editor with only two cells - the name of the equipment and the requested command. 

02. Matrix (Switching) Box

To transform any test equipment into a versatile test system our matrix box allows any test equipment to have hundreds of test points. FunTest provides graphical manual control and each test point is specified within one cell.

03. Intuitive Configuration

The overall configuration is seamless. Once a device is connected and identified through FunTest you're ready to go to use actual hardware in your test sequence.

Operator Interface

01. Everything on one screen

All the information you need to run your test on screen. Combine both manual and automated steps into one user interface to mitigate any human error.

02. Custom messages/pictures/videos

Display detailed steps for installing test article or any other important checklist that needs to happen prior or after each test.

03. Display messages

The user interface is capable of displaying custom messages that require input from the operator such as test article ID or anything you want to capture.