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FunTEST Documentation

Online documentation

Lear all you need about funTEST in one location

FunTEST Programmer Manual

Guide for creating test sequences in FunTEST

FunTEST Plugin Library

List of available plugins for FunTEST

FunTEST User Manual

Overview on how to use FunTEST

FunTEST Video Tutorials

FunTEST Product Walkthrough

Learn the basics of funTEST in 5 minutes

How to create measurement sequence

Learn how to create a basic measurement sequence using a multimeter and switching system

How to control the operator interface

Learn how to display live results, instructions to the operator, and much more.

Using Digital I/O

Learn how to control and read status of hardware test setup within a test sequence

Creating Test Reports

Learn how to create custom test reports and test station statistics

Matrix Box Documentation

MX2400 Hardware Manual

Hardware options for MX2400

MX2400 Plugin Manual

Description of MX2400 control through FunTEST

MX2400 Software Manual

Guide on controlling MX2400 from external application software

MX075 Hardware Manual

Hardware options for MX075

Matrix Box Video Tutorials

Matrix Box Overview

Learn the basics of Matrix Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Can FunTEST interface with my equipment?

Yes, we have an extensive plugin library and if custom plugin is required, we'll develop it for you!

Can I use Matrix Box without FunTEST?

Yes, Matrix Box can be controled from any application. Just follow MX2400 Software Manual above or contact us with any questions!

Can I use FunTEST if I don't know how to write a code?

Yes, one of the advantages of FunTEST is you can create automated test sequences without any code in a simple spreadsheet format.

I have a need for custom plugin  to interface with my equipment. Can you help me develop a plugin?

Yes, we can develop a custom plugin for you or teach you how to do it.

Can you provide application service i.e. develop the final application for me?

Yes, if you don't have the resources/time to develop test sequences on your own, one of our application engineers will work with you and develop everything so it's plug & play for you.

Do you have the capability to design and build turnkey test system?

Yes, we have a full in-house manufacturing facility. We can build anything from small desktop applications to complex machines.

I'm not sure how and what to test can you help me?

Yes, we can help you develop test specifications. We start with reviewing your product and use years of experience to come up with the best testing strategy. Just contact us!

I'm really busy. How much time do I need to implement your products for my testing?

Implementing FunTEST and Matrix Box is really fast and easy. We'll guide you through the whole process or do it completely for you. After the implementation is done you can expect to be less busy because all of your testing processes will be much easier.

What makes you different compared to your competitors?

Our products are designed by test engineers for test engineers. This means it's designed to simplify the test development process. With us, you don't have to deal with complex software and intricate automation hardware with long lead times. 

Why not to just use Python to develop my test automation?

What FunTEST offers you is to scale your test automation by making it easier to develop more complex test sequences and offer operator interface, test report generation, and much more.

You can still use Python scripts by calling them from a FunTEST test sequence. You can pass arguments and read values back.

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