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Software Automation

Hardware Design

Electronics Functional  Testing

Harness Testing


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Automated Tests for Electronics

Quality Inspection Procedures

Explore different applications for our products FunTest and Matrix Box over the years. Each application highlights benefits and provides more information on how you can implement this to your current processes

Test Automation

Test Automation for Electronics and Electrical Testing
  • Ability to develop software applications for hardware testing 

  • Data Acquisition, Test Operator Interface, Test Reporting

  • Ensure safety and efficiency for your test stations

  • Software developers fluent in Python, C#, LabVIEW, and others

Test Automation

Whether it's developing a software driver, automation for your existing test station, or developing post processing and test reporting, we've got you covered!

Harness Testing

Electrical Harness Testing
  • Test table solution to test harness of any size

  • Desktop size to fully standalone systems

  • Safety features to ensure operator safety

Turnkey Solution

Hardware Design

Fixture for PCBA
  • Custom design to interface with your test article

  • Designed for efficiency and ergonomics 

  • We'll accommodate any of your requirements 

DUT Interface Design

Having reliable and ergonomic interface to device under test is crucial for efficient testing. We'll take care of everything from design to final assembly.

Electronics Functional Testing

Test Automation for Electronics and Electrical Testing
  • Just provide your product and requirements and we'll take care of the rest

  • Full mechanical, electrical, and software integration

  • We'll commission the station at your site and provide training

Turnkey Solution


Test and Assembly Automation
  • Automate your assembly and test process

  • Minimal operator intervention needed 

  • Inline and offline solutions

Turnkey Solution

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