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Hardware Testing Made Simple

Effortless Hardware Testing as a Service

What is Hardware Test as a Service? 

Hardware Test Development as a Service is a simple, cost-saving way for businesses to test and develop their hardware. With this service, you’ll instantly get a team of test development experts to plan and implement whatever test strategies you need. This service is flexible to fit any project size, speeds up the process of making new products, and ensures high quality without building large test development teams internally. 

It's like getting access to dozens of test engineers/technicians without the effort of hiring one by one 

Is Hardware Testing-as-a-Service for me?

Are you constantly hiring test engineers?

Do you wish you had more boots on the ground?

Do you need to upgrade your test infrastructure?

Then it's for you! Get Started Today

Test Engineering

Using decades of experience from various industries we will develop test strategy and test plan suitable for your application.

Test Hardware Design and Assembly

Creating custom hardware testing equipment tailored to specific client needs. It includes both the design of the hardware and its assembly, ensuring that the testing tools are perfectly suited for the hardware being tested.

Test Software Development

Our ready-to-use test software saves clients from building their own. We help implement it, train their team, and customize features as needed, ensuring an efficient and tailored hardware testing experience.

Full Turnkey Service

This includes everything from design and assembly to installation and training on-site. This service is ideal for clients who want a complete, end-to-end hardware testing solution without the need to coordinate multiple services.

Our Services 

How Does it Work?

Do you need to develop a piece of software, hardware or a whole test station from scratch? Let's discuss your needs and we'll put together a project proposal.

Project Definition

Once the proposal is accepted we'll get to work. Our engineers will develop everything from software, hardware, all the way to manufacturing and assembly.


This is our favorite part. Once everything is ready we'll go on site to install and commission the solution to make sure everything is working as expected.


Test improvement is a never ending process. That's why we are always ready to support you in the next project while providing ongoing support and training.


Our Capabilities

Versatile Design Capabilities: Expertise in designing a wide range of hardware, from simple mechanical components to intricate electrical systems and complex test stations, ensuring a solution for every testing need.


Comprehensive In-House Manufacturing: Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture all designed components in-house, guaranteeing high-quality production and adherence to stringent standards.


Rapid Prototyping and Production: Fast-track development from concept to prototype to production, ensuring timely delivery and swift implementation of the test hardware.

Hardware Design and Assembly

Test Strategy Development: Using decades of experience from various industries we will develop test strategy and test plan suitable for your application.


Selecting Test Method: According to your requirements we'll select the proper test method and required instrumentation to provide accurate and reliable measurements.


Lesson Learned from over 1000 Projects: Devil it's in the detail and throughout the years we learned what works and what doesn't. Don't reinvent the wheel and use tested and trusted solutions.

Test Engineering

Broad Software Development Range: Expertise in developing a wide array of test software solutions, from individual instrument drivers to comprehensive data reporting systems and fully automated test procedures, catering to diverse testing requirements.


Continuous Software Support and Updates: Ongoing support and regular updates for our software solutions, ensuring they stay ahead of technological advancements and meet evolving testing demands.


In-House FunTest Platform: Featuring our proprietary test automation platform, FunTest, which offers a robust and user-friendly environment for all testing needs.

Test Software Development

Seamless Test Integration: Our switching systems are engineered to integrate effortlessly with a wide range of test equipment and setups, enhancing the overall testing process.


Customizable Configurations: Ability to tailor our switching solutions to meet specific testing requirements, whether for simple setups or complex, multi-faceted testing environments.


Scalable Systems: Scalable switching solutions that can grow with your testing needs, suitable for both small-scale labs and large-scale industrial applications.

Automatic Test Switching

Develop Comprehensive Strategies & Documentation: We develop and provide detailed testing strategies and all necessary documentation, including test plans and protocols, tailored to meet your project's specific needs.


Provide Seamless Integration and On-Site Implementation: We offer complete assembly and integration of testing systems, combining hardware, software, and switching solutions, followed by professional on-site installation to ensure everything works perfectly.


Deliver Training and Continuous Support: We deliver thorough training for your team, ensuring they are fully equipped to use the testing system and provide continuous support and maintenance for sustained performance and reliability.

Full Turnkey Service

More with less

Instead of hiring multiple engineers have on stop solution for all your hardware test development needs. This will allow you to get to your goal faster with less effort.

Flexible and scalable

The amount of test development needed changes over time. With our service, you can easily scale from a simple project to a company-wide solution.

Tested. Trusted.

Don't reinvent the wheel and take advantage of proven, maintained solutions that are being used by hundreds of our customers.

Fast and Reliable

Get to your goals faster by relying on our decades of experience developing test solutions for various industries.

Quality Assurance

Enjoy flawless quality assurance, eliminating shipping faulty products. Our test solutions always include full traceability. 


Avoid maintaining large internal test development teams. With us, you will get access to a group of engineers on as needed basis.



Why Us?

We have experience developing test solutions for everything from:

Development testing to High Volume Manufacturing

Rocket Engines to Automotive Electronics Testing


Completed projects


Countries served


Locations worldwide


Company foundation

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