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Automated Tests for Electronics 

Simplify the development of test automation for electronics

On-Screen Instructions

Display instruction for test operator

Test Station Control

Control test station using Digital I/O

Test Execution

Perform measurement on test article

Test Reports

Automatically generate test reports

How can you use FunTEST to develop automated test station for electronics?

Test Station Control

  • Smart System: Use Digital Inputs and Outputs to Ensure Reliable Test - i.e. Test Article is Present

  • Safety First: Operator Protection by Automatically Halting Tests When Condition is Met

  • Peripheral Management: Control External Components, Such as Signal Lights and Push-Buttons

On-Screen Instructions

  • Step-by-Step Assistance: Empower Operators with Instructions using Text, Images, and Videos

  • Interactive Input: Involve Operators by Collecting Key Inputs, Such as Product Serial Numbers

  • Live Progress Tracking: Display Results of Each Step, Ensuring Awareness of Procedure Status

Test Execution

  • Measurement: Automatically Collect Data from Any Test Equipment

  • Signal Switching: Matrix Box for Seamless Signal Switching, Enhancing Coverage

  • Software Verification: Upload software to your product to verify proper functionality

  • Functional Validation: Communicate with your product and verify proper response

Test Reporting

  • Instant Test Reports: Utilize Built-In Functionality for Quick and Accurate Report Generation

  • Automated Daily Stats: Effortlessly Save Daily Test Statistics in CSV Format

  • Database: Achieve Flexibility by Uploading Tailored Test Reports Using SQL Integration

All of this created by few lines in a spreadsheet

Station control and signal switching achieved by Matrix Box

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