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Beyond Displaying Procedures

Auto-Collect Data from Equipment as You Execute Procedures

Avoid having to spend hours creating quality reports.

Automatically generate reports as you inspect.

Beyond on-screen instructions

Collect data as you execute procedures

Easy to Use

Create Procedures in a spreadsheet

Seamless Traceability 

Track product and upload results to database


More than On-screen Instructions

  • Guided Step-by-Step Instructions: Engaging Text, Dynamic Images, and Instruction Videos

  • Interactive Manual Input: Seamlessly Collect Product Serial Numbers and other information

  • Automated Result Assessment: FunTest Analyzes Equipment-Measured Data for Pass/Fail

  • Effortless Report Generation: Built-In Functionality for Instant Reports

Seamless Tracebility

  • Enable full traceability through asset identification and creating automated reporting

  • Link Procedure Execution to Products via Test Article Serial Numbers

  • Print Labels After Inspection, Share Results with Ease in Your Quality Database

Create Procedures in Spreadsheet

  • If you can create an inspection procedure in a spreadsheet you can create it in FunTEST

  • To create your procedure in FunTEST, simply define the required steps in a spreadsheet

  • Everything is then displayed on the operator interface to perform the procedure

Procedure and User Management

Procedures  Management

  • Easy configuration control over procedures

  • Select which version you want to run prior to execution

  • Possibility of shared configuration for multiple procedures

User Management

  • Control permission for each user

  • 3 levels - operator, programmer, and administrator

  •  Ability to sign with RFID, fingerprint, and other available

Hardware Interface

  • Communicate with any hardware/software

  • Plugin architecture for endless customization

  • Existing library of plugins

    • Test Equipment Control (VISA, SCPI, etc.)​

    • Communication (TCP, CAN, LIN, TwinCAT)

    • Other: DAQ units, cameras, and more

  • Run external process

    • Initiate .exe and .bat files ​

    • Example: load firmware to a microcontroller

Virtual Demo

Test Reporting

  • Use built-in PDF/CSV report generation

  • Save daily test statistics automatically in CSV format

  • Upload custom test report using SQL

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